This is the little corner of the site dedicated to everything that we do that isn’t broadcast every Saturday. There are a handful of columns, like our truck driver Russ Ringsak’s monthly article, or The View from Mrs. Sundberg’s Window, where a regular listener talks about her life on the prairie. There are also some things you can do on the Web site, like adding your comments to Post to the Host, the venerable joke machine, or greetings, where you can post a note to your family and friends. See below for a full list of what we’re doing during the rest of the week.

Pretty Good Jokes

What’s the difference between Baptists and Lutherans? Lutherans say “hello” to one another when they meet in the liquor store.

This joke was submitted by Dianne McKenzie from San Antonio, TX. Thanks!

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Video Archive

Watch Garrison, the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band, and our special guests in action. Each week we’ll add new videos from rehearsals, live broadcasts, and special events.


Check out what is happening on this year’s Cruise and past voyages.

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Get a close-up view of the APHC gang at their best. Each week we’ll add photos from rehearsals, live productions, and special events.


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Post to the Host

Here’s your chance to ask GK your most pressing questions—about the writing life, the radio life, Lake Wobegon, Guy Noir, whatever you like. Also, feel free to send feedback about the show. Honest comments and criticism are always welcome!

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Featured Interviews

From time to time we are able to spend a bit of time with our on-air guests. Here’s the most recent:

Archive Fun: The Everly Brothers

Garrison Keillor, with Phil and Don Everly, 1987

The catchy songs and tight two-part harmonies of The Everly Brothers have influenced legions of artists. Hear highlights from their visits to A Prairie Home Companion and performances of their songs by a few of our guests.

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If you think you know something about Prairie Home history, take a crack at one of our quizzes.

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