Lake Superior

Duluth sits directly on the nose of the world's largest freshwater wolf head, the big skull covering an area greater than the five states of Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The drinking water is a quarter-mile deep and is ten percent of the world’s supply,  and ... Read More

Home Town

Grafton sits ten miles west of Minnesota and forty miles south of Canada; halfway between Grand Forks and Winnipeg, west of the Red River of the North. The deep black topsoil is the bed of old Lake Agassiz, a great jetblack spread of rich paydirt for any farmer eager to battle bitter blizzards, ... Read More

Dillinger’s Cabin

New Orleans is a tough place to forget. Here it is again: Ferraris on the street. Cheap beer next door. High fashion in the shop window. Some say it’s gaudy but it’s above that. And magnificent is, if not too big a word, at least a word of the wrong flavor. Nawlins is a good enough word. A ... Read More

Back to Work

If you were wondering what was it going to take and how long would I avoid actual work — and you can’t even call this work can you when I’m sitting indoors with a window air conditioner and a fan pushing in cool comfort while the truck is sitting in the yard silently asking to be moved just a few ... Read More


This current mighty expedition began five weeks ago with a Caribbean ocean cruise. It started when we moved the stage gear from its lounging place in the trailer lot to a sound production company in South St. Paul, where five sturdy young men and a medium dog repacked it into smaller road cases, ... Read More


Some decades ago I was in a taxi with three co-workers on our way from the airport to a hotel in downtown Boston. We were there on an architectural tour through the generosity of our employer, a classy firm in the Twin Cities. The cab driver sensed our upscale party mood and offered up a joke: ... Read More

Loud Hair, Quiet Mountains, Mad Goose

Our show runs out to San Francisco again this year; trucker sees this as a lucky thaw in an unnecessarily cruel season here. Our co-driver will be Tom Gohman again and to make ready I drive Hank over to a truck stop across the river in Wisconsin to top the tanks off. Real cold over there. Like here. ... Read More

Winter Stories

New Year's Eve 1957 This is how I remember it. My first adult-legal New Years. I was home from college for the winter holidays and one of the town’s westsiders was having a big New Years house party while her folks were gone. It was 26 degrees below zero, not that unusual for a town halfway between ... Read More

The Hiding Place

I flew back home for a week after delivering the rig curbside at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. An internet and cell phone search yielded up a local driver named Tillis to set it at the dock for the Friday morning load in and the Saturday night out. I wondered if he was related to Mel. Stage Boss said ... Read More

So… Why Are You Still In Your Shoes?

Our recent radio expedition ran the first two Saturdays of April, from St. Paul to New York and return. Back in the day we could park an empty rig for a week at a marked curb in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood and the driver could then either fly home or stay at a hotel in the Very Large City. After ... Read More