The Slope is Steep

To the host: I grew up in an unassuming town like Lake Wobegon, the middle child of a large family, and I shy away from the limelight and self-promotion. How can I change my ways? My self-published cookbook/reference book is soon to arrive from the printer. Marketing will fall squarely on my ... Read More

A Lyndon Home Companion

Dear Sir: I am a high-school senior at Lyndon Institute in Lyndon, Vermont. My J-term class is writing a variety show podcast inspired by A Prairie Home Companion which we named A Lyndon Home Companion and are setting it in our Lyndon community. We are very much enjoying watching and listening to ... Read More

Helping My Wife Write Her Play

Mr. Keillor: My wife and I are theatrically inclined, and she has tried for three years to write a play, since we graduated from college (B.A. in Dramatic Arts [me],  Creative Writing [her]), Six months ago, she hit a wall. I want to help her, but I'm not much of a creative writer myself and am ... Read More

Whipping Potatoes

Dear Mr. Keillor, On the show yesterday you spoke of Thanksgivings past, and mentioned that your aunt would "whip the potatoes." I come from a Minnesota family in which potatoes were whipped; my husband, however, is from a "mashed" family. How do I deal with this? Any words of wisdom would be ... Read More

The Prairie Queen

Hello, Mr. Keillor, In the monologue last week from Duluth, you made reference to the famed "Prairie Queen" passenger train to Duluth. As an amateur railroad historian, I would like to know: did such a train exist, or is it a product of your imagination? Kim William Jones Anoka, MN ... Read More

Finding a Place That Feels Right

Dear Mr. Keillor, I am hoping you will respond and that it will put my soul at ease. I have been in school/training for 15 years since graduating from high school and since finishing my studies over a year ago, I have moved twice in the hopes that I will find the place where I belong. Now I am ... Read More

Getting Old

Garrison: My mother retired five years ago and is living the free-form retirement lifestyle and recently, when she turned 64, I asked her how it felt and she said, "It's old." I said, "Well, no, not really," and she said, "No, it's old." ... Read More

Amazon’s Effect

To the Host: How do you feel about's effect on books and bookselling? I am biased, being a book fiend and librarian. Is any good coming from the company having such a huge effect on books and bookselling? ... Read More