This Week's Joke

What do you call a sleepwalking nun? A roamin' Catholic!

This joke was submitted by Grace Sieggreen from St. Charles, MO. Thanks!

Romance With a Midwesterner

Dear Mr. Keillor:

I have recently met a very nice engineer from the Midwest. We discussed cows on our first date. I have tested him to see if he would make me eat lutefisk. He says he hates it. He is Methodist and he sings loudly in church. I am a Unitarian from Cambridge, MA and I suspect that he would not approve of felt banners, so beloved of Unitarians. He bought me a heart-shaped box of Valentine chocolates and talked of the prairie. Do you think there is hope for us? He is very nice but I am worried that there will not be stores to buy whole grains, or peace dances in the Midwest. Please tell me if you think there is hope for us.

P.S. He is an engineer and I can’t even pump my own gas.

Thank you.

Ruth from Cambridge, MA Read more

A Hush in the Air

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Was pure quiet in the house, and I made some blueberry banana bread, and there was, for a while, only the show and the hum of the fridge, and me. Evenings seem all about quiet these past few days. There’s a hush in the air, full of a contentment that comes with the passing of winter and the appearance of grass. Read more


This current mighty expedition began five weeks ago with a Caribbean ocean cruise. It started when we moved the stage gear from its lounging place in the trailer lot to a sound production company in South St Paul, where five sturdy young men and a medium dog repacked it into smaller road cases, more neatly fitting to the petite passageways of a giant liner. Read more