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Why did the chicken cross the mobster? To get to the other side.

This joke was submitted by Kirianne Riehl from Ithaca, NY. Thanks!

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Whipping Potatoes

Dear Mr. Keillor,

On the show yesterday you spoke of Thanksgivings past, and mentioned that your aunt would “whip the potatoes.” I come from a Minnesota family in which potatoes were whipped; my husband, however, is from a “mashed” family. How do I deal with this?

Any words of wisdom would be welcomed.

Sue of Boise Read more

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The View From Mrs. Sundberg's Window

A Candle, Burning Steady and Bright

Listened to the show Saturday, and it was not bad. Not bad at all. And while I listened, I threw together enough cookie dough to feed a small army. Seriously. I would guess 15 lbs. Just waiting to be baked, and I’m gonna do so, at my leisure, these next few days. Read more

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Russ Ringsak

The Hiding Place

I flew back home for a week after delivering the rig curbside at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. An internet and cell phone search yielded up a local driver named Tillis to set it at the dock for the Friday morning load in and the Saturday night out. I wondered if he was related to Mel. Stage Boss said he turned out to be a good guy; brought his family to the show and enjoyed it. Said he thinks the guy maybe wants my job. I felt I was doing my job by finding him. In any case a good guy to know. Read more

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