This Week's Joke

What do you call a program that helps alligators? Gatorade.

This joke was submitted by Jim Gundlach from Marion, IL. Thanks!

The Blind Cave Pigs of Lake Wobegon

To the Host:

Hello Mr. Keillor! For 35 years I’ve wondered: Did the people of Lake Wobegon manage to avoid the wrath of the Blind Cave Pigs? Or did the descendants of the wild pigs manage to break through the cellar walls, and exact some measure of revenge for having been driven underground by the menfolk of the town? I know the men did that to make the area safe for the children, but did it last? Many thanks if you can clear up this enduring mystery!

Michael Ferro
Endwell, NY Read more

The Next Chapter

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad.  I was wrapping gifts all that while, and mixing up and cooking enough food for a few days — twice baked potatoes, and meatloaf, and some pasta salad with bacon and cheddar. Enough for a while. Read more


This current mighty expedition began five weeks ago with a Caribbean ocean cruise. It started when we moved the stage gear from its lounging place in the trailer lot to a sound production company in South St. Paul, where five sturdy young men and a medium dog repacked it into smaller road cases, more neatly fitting to the petite passageways of a giant liner. Read more