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April 23

Slow and Low

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This week: we’re deep in the heart of Texas for the first of two live broadcasts from the Lone Star State. We’re rolling the big red Kenworth rig through the University of Texas campus to the Bass Concert Hall in Austin — the state capital. Rambling troubadour and author Joe Ely joins us with tales of the gritty plains of West Texas; the rolling party of Max Baca and Los Texmaniacs bring heat and two-step heartaches disguised by the jubilant conjunto sound; and Heather Masse pays tribute to The Texas Nightingale, Sippie Wallace, reminding women to be wise. Plus: Austin actor Margaret Ann Hoard joins Tim Russell and Fred Newman in our Royal Academy of Radio Actors as the Cowboys search for Austin, pianist Richard Dworsky leads the house band (Bernie Dresel on drums, bassist Larry Kohut, Richard Kriehn on mandolin and fiddle, and Chris Siebold, guitar) through tornadoes and southern breezes, and the host has the latest News from the muddy roads of Lake Wobegon.

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April 30

Sweet Bluebonnet Spring

This week: the second of our two April broadcasts from Texas, and we’ll be live from the magnificent Grand 1894 Opera House in Galveston. Singer and songwriter Stephanie Davis joins us, a fourth generation Montanan now making her home in the Lone Star State; and literary mezzo-soprano Jennifer Rivera will be on hand with a few songs right at home in the splendid Romanesque Revival hall. Plus: scripts and Texas scenes from our Royal Academy of Radio Actors, music director and pianist Rich Dworsky and the band (drummer Bernie Dresel, Larry Kohut on the bass, Richard Kriehn on the mandolin and fiddle, and guitarist Chris Siebold) accompany intricate arias and Gulf Coast melodies, and an update from the host on the latest News from a rapidly greening Lake Wobegon.

Audio available Sunday at noon CT.

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April 23

Bonus audio!

Download the Lives of the Cowboys and Grandeur scripts and the News from Lake Wobegon monologue from our April 23 broadcast in Austin, TX.






Summer 2015

The America the Beautiful Tour

Featuring Sarah Jarosz,
Fred Newman,
and Rich Dworsky
with The Fare Thee Well Band




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Tour Journal

This Week's Joke

What did the Pacific Ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean when they met? Nothing, they just waved.

This joke was submitted by Maya Notham from San Diego, CA. Thanks!

January 30 Reactions

I love the new host. I have been listening since 1975 faithfully. The new show is wonderful, updated, great music and keeping close to the same format. Thanks so much!

Jan Sutton
Minneapolis Read more

Bring On the Wind

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. It was one of those windy days before the rain comes and I was doing a bit of dusting and sorting in preparation for a rather large garage sale I’m planning in June. I know I had one only a few years back, but why not? I invite family and friends to contribute stuff if they wish, and they have and are, and it’s a change to lighten things a bit and get together perhaps and, if nothing else, sit in a lawn chair and meet a few people I’ve not yet met. Read more

Metal Revenge

The Arizona Interstate 40 gut-bust episode ended for the driver seven days later when they slid the tubes out and airmailed him back to Minnesota. Hank the truck (Honque d’Truque?) sat out the show in Arizona while the trailer went flitting off to San Fran for the weekend on the fifth wheel of a local truck and driver. Our longtime superman Tom Gohman flew in to take Hank & Trailer from Flagstaff to the San Diego show and then back to Minnesota, all in time to begin our final five-week stand at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. Read more

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