This Week's Joke

Did you hear that the invisible man married the invisible woman? Nice family, but they weren't much to look at.

This joke was submitted by James Cassara from Asheville, NC. Thanks!

A Note from the Host

America the Beautiful Tour routeThe buses are in the parking lot, the mixing boards and monitors are loaded into the luggage bays, and in a few hours sixteen of us will climb aboard for the America The Beautiful tour — thirty cities — Bayfield, Wisconsin, to Palmer, Alaska. The band and Fred Newman and Sarah Jarosz and I in one bus, the tech crew and staff in the other, eight in each bus to divvy up twelve bunks, four stacks of three each. The TV room and kitchenette is up front, behind the driver, the bunkhouse amidships, and the Quiet Zone and Cloakroom in the stern. Read more

Guidance on the Highway of Life

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Was driving home from visiting our youngest away at college, and it was plain ol’ bliss toolin’ along through the Minnesota countryside with the windows open and the sun setting behind me. Something about a road trip that’s always had its pull, and I never mind for a moment the words, “Can you pick me up?”  Read more

Home Town

Grafton sits ten miles west of Minnesota and forty miles south of Canada; halfway between Grand Forks and Winnipeg, west of the Red River of the North. The deep black topsoil is the bed of old Lake Agassiz, a great jetblack spread of rich paydirt for any farmer eager to battle bitter blizzards, floods, tornados. Sometimes drought, sometimes dust storms. It is a Garden of Eden with a high price tag. A sense of humor is useful. Read more