This Week's Joke

What's the difference between a chicken and a turkey? A chicken celebrates Thanksgiving.

This joke was submitted by Thaddeus Bryk from Ft. Wayne, IN. Thanks!

Life in New York City

Mr. Keillor,

I recently moved from northern Minnesota to New York City. I love this city; the whole world is here to explore and enjoy. But, I am sad to see how hard life can be for the homeless people and the abandoned animals. How do you cope with this aspect of  New York City?

Jean Marie Modl
New York Read more

Fear Not

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I was mixing up some dough for Thanksgiving turkey shaped sugar cookies for the kids, and Mr. Sundberg was away, down in Louisiana giving a talk on gratitude, and volunteering some of his time to help out with a Habitat for Humanity project. I like this about Mr. S. He loves to give of his time and energy, loves to help people especially when there are hammers and saws and drywall involved. It has been our hope along the way to do some kind of volunteer mission type trip together, and now that the kids are gone, it’s a topic of conversation pretty frequently, I’d say. Read more

Lake Superior

Duluth sits directly on the nose of the world’s largest freshwater wolf head, the big skull covering an area greater than the five states of Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The drinking water is a quarter-mile deep and is ten percent of the world’s supply,  and there is enough in there to flood North America and South America both to a depth of 12 inches. (!) And it’s a very young ten thousand years old. And it’s oligotrophic. Meaning it has low levels of nutrients. Meaning it’s really clear water, y’all. Read more