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This Week's Joke

Did you hear about the neurotic owl? It kept saying, "Why, why, why?"

This joke was submitted by Joseph Walsh, Jr. from Haslett, MI. Thanks!

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The Prairie Queen

Hello, Mr. Keillor,

In the monologue last week from Duluth, you made reference to the famed “Prairie Queen” passenger train to Duluth.

As an amateur railroad historian, I would like to know: did such a train exist, or is it a product of your imagination?

Kim William Jones
Anoka, MN Read more

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The View From Mrs. Sundberg's Window

Time to be a Light

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Felt pretty dang cozy in the house, with all the snow that came down last week. Happened fast, didn’t it. One day we’re walkin’ in the park wearing light jackets and tennis shoes, and a few days later — Boom! Snow everywhere. Though it’s not right to say we’ve had a major snowfall, really, given what those people in New York are dealing with. Six feet of snow. Now that’s a major snowfall. Read more

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Russ Ringsak

The Hiding Place

I flew back home for a week after delivering the rig curbside at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. An internet and cell phone search yielded up a local driver named Tillis to set it at the dock for the Friday morning load in and the Saturday night out. I wondered if he was related to Mel. Stage Boss said he turned out to be a good guy; brought his family to the show and enjoyed it. Said he thinks the guy maybe wants my job. I felt I was doing my job by finding him. In any case a good guy to know. Read more

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