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June 25

Like A River Flows

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This week: we’re live from the Koussevitzky Music Shed at Tanglewood, all the way up in the Berkshires in Lenox, Massachusetts. The DiGiallonardo Sisters join us with their trio of harmonies honed to perfection in Bensonhurst, Heather Masse will sing songs for summer evenings and join the host on a duet or two, and our friend Rob Fisher stops by to offer his encyclopedic knowledge of the American song. Plus: our Royal Academy of Radio Actors, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman; pianist and music director Rich Dworsky leads Jonathan Dresel on drums, bassist Larry Kohut, Richard Kriehn on mandolin and fiddle, and guitarist Chris Siebold; and we’ll get an update on the latest News from Lake Wobegon, where the majesty of a Minnesota summer is in full effect. Tune in on your local public radio station or, if you want to see what’s happening on stage, watch live (5pm Central Time) at — you’ll even have the chance to join us in singing a few songs after the show!

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July 1

Sumus Quod Sumus

This week: we’re at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California for our final broadcast of the season. It’s a duet singing show, with Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O’Donovan, Heather Masse, and Christine DiGiallonardo all along to join the host on time-honored American ballads, British Invasion romps, country-western weepers, and Broadway classics, guaranteed to send him off to radio retirement in style. Plus: our Royal Academy of Radio Actors, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, with L.A. tales and sound effects straight from rush hour on the 101; pianist and music director Richard Dworsky guides the band (Bernie Dresel on drums, bassist Larry Kohut, Richard Kriehn on mandolin and fiddle, and guitarist Chris Siebold) through surf melodies and sun-drenched rock’n’roll instrumentals; and one last update on the News from Lake Wobegon, the little town that time forgot, and the decades cannot improve.

Audio available Sunday at noon CT.

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June 25

Bonus audio!

Download the Trump, Fritz, and Mom scripts and the News from Lake Wobegon monologue from our June 25 broadcast in Lenox, MA.






Summer 2015

The America the Beautiful Tour

Featuring Sarah Jarosz,
Fred Newman,
and Rich Dworsky
with The Fare Thee Well Band




Videos from the tour

Tour Journal

This Week's Joke

Did you hear about the paranoid dyslexic insomniac? He stayed up all night worrying that he was following somebody.

This joke was submitted by Leon Scott from Fremont, MI. Thanks!

January 30 Reactions

I love the new host. I have been listening since 1975 faithfully. The new show is wonderful, updated, great music and keeping close to the same format. Thanks so much!

Jan Sutton
Minneapolis Read more

The Big Conversation

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. Spent a good part of Saturday and much of Sunday cleaning up after my garage sale, which was a fine time for sure, and it felt so good to sit down awhile both evenings and sip some iced lemonade and listen to the radio awhile. I’ve avoided television lately, for about seven reasons, and since it’s summertime and everyone is around, I’d much rather have a conversation or walk with Mr. S, or one of the kids. They’re home now, for the summer, and that pretty much means they sleep here, sometimes eat here, and now and then hang out here. Read more

From Jack to Ryman

This job all began when a shady-sounding outfit named Jack’s Auto Repair called for softball players on public radio. I was on a St. Paul architect’s beer team at the time, making up for my lack of a high school letter in anything. On Jack’s team I became the pitcher. Garrison was playing right field. After some random pickup games we joined an office league. At the team dinner ending the first season I learned our hard-hitting athletic center fielder was a city cop and the fun guy on second base was the director of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Dennis Russell Davies, who is now a musical giant living in Stuttgart. Still smiling, at least in the photos. (Probably not playing a lot of softball, though.) Read more

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