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This Week's Joke

Do you know why a chicken coop can only have two doors? If it had four doors it would be a sedan.

This joke was submitted by Michael Norris from Phoenix, AZ. Thanks!

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Finding a Place That Feels Right

Dear Mr. Keillor,

I am hoping you will respond and that it will put my soul at ease. I have been in school/training for 15 years since graduating from high school and since finishing my studies over a year ago, I have moved twice in the hopes that I will find the place where I belong. Now I am back at home with my parents and soon will be moving to a small town a few hours away and in my mind I am afraid it won’t do either. How do I find where I belong or the place that feels right?

Diane of Colorado Read more

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The View From Mrs. Sundberg's Window

The Calm of It All

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad.  It was wonderful, really, when you figure in the weather, which has been just right, and the neighbor children laughing outside, and the first leaves of autumn turning out there on the maple, and how lovely the red of apples piled high in the big white bowl on the kitchen counter.  Made some apple crisp with those apples, and talked with the kids who called from school to let me know everything is rollin’ along as it should be, and our youngest daughter came skipping through the kitchen now and then, tasting dough and apples slices and shining with her stories of musical auditions and political science discussions, and she showed me a photo of a rabbit swimming — floating, really, quite serenely — in a pond.  “This is the most calm thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. Read more

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Russ Ringsak

The Hiding Place

I flew back home for a week after delivering the rig curbside at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. An internet and cell phone search yielded up a local driver named Tillis to set it at the dock for the Friday morning load in and the Saturday night out. I wondered if he was related to Mel. Stage Boss said he turned out to be a good guy; brought his family to the show and enjoyed it. Said he thinks the guy maybe wants my job. I felt I was doing my job by finding him. In any case a good guy to know. Read more

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