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How do you corral a really good poet? With a poet lariat.

This joke was submitted by Michael Beason from St. John Virgin Islands. Thanks!

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The Slope is Steep

To the host:

I grew up in an unassuming town like Lake Wobegon, the middle child of a large family, and I shy away from the limelight and self-promotion. How can I change my ways? My self-published cookbook/reference book is soon to arrive from the printer. Marketing will fall squarely on my shoulders. Any words of wisdom ? Paths you can point me toward? Read more

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The View From Mrs. Sundberg's Window

It All Adds Up

Listened to the show Saturday and it was not bad. I’ve been enjoying not having to clear snow daily, and this has given me a bit of time to catch up on inside things. You know. Taxes, scholarship forms, college applications, bills, laundry and a new recipe here and there. All important, but nothing urgent. Not at this point. Read more

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Russ Ringsak

Loud Hair, Quiet Mountains, Mad Goose

Our show runs out to San Francisco again this year; trucker sees this as a lucky thaw in an unnecessarily cruel season here. Our co-driver will be Tom Gohman again and to make ready I drive Hank over to a truck stop across the river in Wisconsin to top the tanks off. Real cold over there. Like here. The cashier drill these days is that you pay up front for fuel; you give them the credit card and name an amount and the pump will run to that number or until the tanks are full. You come back in and they cancel the first amount and you get a receipt for the real sum on the pump. So no more drive-away diesel scoundrels. Read more

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